About Tavsanli and OIZ

About Tavsanli and OIZ

Tavsanli and Its Organized Industrial Zone

          One of  the places the best people that live on the Earth is Turkey namely Anatolia, One of the best places of Anatolia and the world with its climate, abundance and its people is Tavsanli.

         A Japan scientist defined Tavsanli “Paradise should be on or under this city”

Tavsanli is the biggest county of Kutahya province, Tavsanli city center has 70.000 population and with its villages it has more than 100.000. As the most modern and developed  area of the region, Tavsanli is a attraction center.

Economy in Tavsanli is mainly based on mining activities especially coal and Tavsanli is the homeland of the rosted-chickpeas that has international awards so you can taste the most delicious roasted-chickpeas of the world.  

Our region has wide range of mines that are ready to mine, borax and derivatives, talcs, manganesium, lignite..etc

           Also its soil that has great Anatolian dervishes like MULAYIM DEDE, ASLAN BEY, MURAT GAZI, EKMEKCI DEDE…smells history.

           Our natural resources are not only mines, culturel richness and history but also thermal resources that restore to health to the people are another investment opportunity.

           Tavsanli shares historical heritage with Domanic as the place of foundation of OTTOMANS.

           In additition to having underground and aboveground resources. Tavsanli has gentle, tender people that esteem human beings and are very hospitable so you will feel yourself at home and easily meet QUALIFIED PERSONNEL DEMAND with its people open to the develeopments.   

            The Organized Industrial Zone located on the intersection of all roads in the heart of this beautiful country is 15 km away from Tavsanli and 30 km away from Kutahya on the Kutahya-Balikesir main road. It is  close to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa provinces. Alternative to land transportation other routs such as the sea and air facilitate transportation to our zone.

              It is your right to demand easy transportation as a manufacturer. Here is a rising new value: Tavsanli Organized Industrial Zone (TOIZ).

Tavsanli Organized Industrial Zone is located on Kutahya-Balikesir State Highway working as a double highway. Our region has the same distance to big cities of Turkey in the North-South-East and West direction. Istanbul-Ankara-Izmir and Antalya are approximately 350 km and other industrial cities like Eskisehir and Bursa are 120 km from the Zone so its unique location is very important as a center. The  fourth biggest international airport of Turkey named ZAFER (newly built) is 65 km and a loading/unloading facility of Turkish State Railways (TCDD) is 5 km from the Zone.

Tavsanli Organized Industrial Zone has just completed its infrastructure and the wheels are turning in the Zone with many advantages offered in no other places. Please do not be late to take your place!!!

            You can find Organized Industrial Zones in everywhere but it is difficult to find our enthusiasm and deep sense of appreciation towards investors in Tavsanli. Tavsanli knows the value and importance of investors in the city’s future so esteems them very highly…

            You will not discover a new continent but when you meet with us, you will see that this new investment area does not consist only of the land. Besides of proximity of our Organized Industrial Zone to major cities, it is apparent that there will not be any difficulty to find qualified staff, due to our public institutional interest on its effort for the development of our region  and also high percentage of graduates from high school, technical high school, college and universities whom are waiting for to work with you.

Our people are looking forward to contribute to the development of our region and embrace the firms and investors that will contribute to this target with traditional Turkish hospitality.

Human resources of the region are another asset for you, our people are gentle, kind and the most importantly the qualified ones. Labour costs are at minimum levels due to the increase in unemployment  which offers you  another advantage.

Cultural status of Tavsanli with its renewed face is very high and it looks like a big city with its historic fabric, lands covered with green flora, thermal waters and SPAs. Tavsanli is a developed city where you can find all what you are looking for…

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