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      Our Chamber within the structure of TOBB (Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges) was founded in 1930 and has been in service incessantly as representative of private sector in our region since 1971. In the scope of Law No. 5174 of Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and relevant regulations, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry renders service to 1650 members in Tavşanlı and also operational regions Emet, Hisarcık and Domaniç with its 7 members of board, 20 council members, 48 members of professional committee and 6 staffs.

        In line with the requirement of providing service to our sectors more inclusively and in order to improve these services we have prepared invitations and had visits so as to come into contact with international businessmen at different dates and in this regard  ‘1st International Tavşanlı Commerce and Investment Forum’ will be organized in May 21st, 2016 by our Chamber with the participation of guest businessmen coming from 10 countries and carrying on business in various sectors in Tavşanlı and especially businessmen carrying on business in Tavşanlı and also businessmen from Kütahya, Afyon, Uşak, Manisa and Eskişehir in relevant sectors.

     Tavşanlı region has a great importance within the scope of Anatolian Turkish history. Due to thrust of The Mongol Empire founded in Central Asia in 1100 A.D., migration to Anatolia gained great speed and nearly 300.000 turkmenian settled in Tavşanlı district. In 1300 when the Anatolian Seljuk Sultanate collapsed, Tavşanlı came under the rule of Germiyans Seigniory centered in Kütahya.

      Tavşanlı region has a great importance within the scope of Ottoman History. Ottoman Empire was founded on these lands. The tomb of Hayme Ana, mother of Ertuğrul Gazi is in a village named Çarşamba in Domaniç county.

      Tavşanlı is in Kütahya province and its surface is 1850 km²,  and it’s 48 km away from Kütahya. Tavşanlı’s climate has both features of rural areas of Central Anatolia Region and  mild Aegean region. Generally summers are hot and arid, winters are cold and wet. The population of county is over 100 000 with its villages. But we can not consider Tavşanlı just with its villages and itself. We should take its neighbour counties Domaniç, Emet, Hisarcık and even also Bursa province and Harmancık county into consideration.

    Industry in Tavşanlı has developed as a sector especially based on mining. With the increasing population based on mining, there are lots of manufacturing plants and factories in various branches. 15 km away from the county, Tavşanlı Organized Industrial Zone has an area of about 141 hectare. At 1st Stage 19 Parcel has been assigned to Tavşanlı OSB (Organized Industrial Zone) and 13 firms have started production. In Tavşanlı Organized Industrial Zone, in sectors such as automotive, food, textile, farm machinery, metal, machinery, chemistry, purification, electricity, electronics and plastic there are over 3000 employees. The parcelling studies of 2nd stage  have been finished and infrastructure and assignment studies will be done in upcoming period.

     Our region is rich in thermal water potency. Yoncalı, Dereli, Esire, Simav, Göbel and Kaynarca are convenient places for investment of tourism. 63 % of region’s surface is covered with forests and it is also convenient for mountain and nature tourism. Probably the most attractive natural beauties of Turkey are in our region. Natural lakes in forests are the most appropriate areas for wooden hotels.

Tavşanlı is an untouched region with its natural mining treasures, nature richness, thermal waters, potency of educated people and over 200 000 population with its neigbours. TTSO (Tavşanlı Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and our people are ready to welcome all visitors to come with open arms. We will do our best about all kinds of help on commerce and investment faithfully.

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